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1  SNELL, William (I41)
2  SEVIOUR, Janet Mary (I1328)
3  MAY, John (I1485)
4 - [I.G.I., Eamor] AMER, Charles (I1298)
5 As Amer/ I.G.I. Eamer Family F377
6 As Eamor - Cemetery Records: No.19488 - Page 2437 NORRIS, Frances (I1411)
7 Double Weddiing with Rosalie and Brian Family F210
8 EC Section, Garden of Remembrance, site 16, position 0241 EAMER, Jack (I567)
9 Or 5 Jan 1718/ Unclear EAMORE, Mary (I1387)
10 P. R. Entry "Adult" EAMER, Millicent (I245)
11 reg as WILLOWES, CURRENCY CREEK SA ENB 9/44 WILLOWS, Richard Benjamin (I28)
12 reg as WILLOWES, CURRENCY CREEK SA ENB 9/44 WILLOWS, Sarah Tabitha (I29)
13 Res Mr McSHANE Wilmington Family F272
14 Second Marriage Family F291
15 To Widow, Formerly Eamour CARTER, Elizabeth (I1622)
16 [Age 48 - As John Eamur] - [Informant: Thomas Bint X From Union Workhouse] - [Cert. On File] AMER, John (I1408)
17 [As Amoar] Elizabeth (I1257)
18 [As William Ammear] Family F452
19 [Richard As Eamer/ On I.G.I. Eamor] Family F453
20 (Extracted from Child of the Outback)
b:09.10.1836 POOL UK
d:1923 Mt GAMBIA, SA

Brought up by his Grandfather WWSNELL after his father died and mother remarried.

From his first GOLD he had a ring made for his Aunt Susan, who he knew really as a sister, and with hid first wages he nominated his mothers family to come out as immigrants to Australia.

Soon after marrying went with Grandfather WWSnell and family to MOONTA, from where they shifted to Mt BARKER, where young William SNELL (Lucy SNELL's father) was born in 1862. 
SNELL, Edwin Saunders (I301)
21 (Extracted from Child of the Outback)
Family claimed descent from a Duke of BUCKINGHAM.
Killed during the 'War of the Roses' 
BUCKINGHAM, Firstname (I295)
22 (Extracted from Child of the Outback)
Seventh son of a seventh son. Served as an officer in British Army in India.

In 1842 sold his farm and migrated to TASMANIA with wife, 2 youngest children (John 8yrs and Susan 6yrs) and his adopted grandson, Edwin SNELL. Edwin had his 9th birthday on board the ship out to Australia.

Arrived PORT ARTHUR, 1842. WWSNELL was put in charge of a gang of convicts working the coalmines due to his military experience.

In 1845 they moved to PORT ADELAIDE, lived there for one year and then moved to KANMANTOO. After a while they returned to ADELAIDE for schooling reasons until 1852, at which time they all went to the 'diggings' in VICTORIA chasing that ellusive Gold.

Later they all returned to ADELAIDE, where in 1860 Edwin married Henrietta TANNER. 
SNELL, William W. (I294)
23 (Medical):at her residence in Hargreaves St BENDIGO. WICKHAM, Lucy (I15)
24 (Medical):Biliary Cirrhosis of Liver; Chronic Cholecystitis and Cholelithiasis; Pulmonary Oedema BAMPFIELD, Irene (I54)
25 (Research):CENSUS: 2 April 1871 [RG10 Sch. 43] Toutley Roundabout, Wokingham, Berkshire. Daniel HEMER [27], wife Ellen [26], children William [4] and Patience [1]. [Info Shirley BALL].CENSUS: 3 April 1881 [RG11/ 1310 Folio 78 Page 3] Embrook, Wokingham, Berkshire. Daniel [36] Ag. Lab., wife Ellen [36] born Hurst, children William J. [14] Lab. Unemployed, Patience M. [11] Scholar, Benjamin J. [9] Scholar and Frederick D. [2]. [1881 Census CD]. EAMER, Daniel (I1486)
26 (Research):CENSUS: 3 April 1881 [RG11/1321 Folio 43 Page 48] Fogs Island, Egham, Surrey. James [42] General Labourer born Hurst, Berks and wife Ann [40] born Hurst, Berks. [1881 Census CD]. WHITE, James (I280)
27 (Research):CENSUS: 30 March 1851 [HO107/ 1693 Folio 420 Page 2] Whistley Green, Berkshire. Charles [36] Farm Labourer, wife Mary [32] born Hurst, Berks, children Maria [11], James [2], Ellen [6], Emma [3] and Eliza [One month]. [Copy from MACH - Berks 1851 On File].NOTE:- I think James ages is incorrect - think it should be 12 years of age not 2 years.CENSUS: 7 April 1861 [RG9/ 752 Folio 88 Page 6] Wards Cross, Hurst, Berkshire. Charles [45] Ag. Lab., wife Mary Ann [44], children James [?19], Ellen [16], Emma [13], E. Eliza [10], Sarah [8], Robert [5] and Phebe [2]. [Census researched S.O.G.]
CENSUS: 2 April 1871 [RG10] Not looked at.CENSUS: 3 April 1881 [RG11/ 1312 Folio 102 Page 17] Little Hill, Hurst, Berkshire. Charles [63] Ag. Lab., born Hurst, Berks, wife Mary [63], Mary, dau. U/m [40] Ag. Work, Robert, son [23] Ag. Lab, Alfred WHITE, Grandson [10] born Hurst, Berks and James GIBBS, Boarder, U/m [26] Bricklayer born Dorchester, Oxon. [1881 Census CD]. 
WHITE, Charles (I247)
28 (Research):CENSUS: 30 March 1851 [HP107/1693 Folio 458 Page 5]] Hurst, Berkshire. John [51] Ag. Labourer, wife Dinah [42] born Burghfield, Berks and son Samuel MAY [25] Ag. Labourer born Hurst. MAY, John (I1485)
29 (Research):CENSUS: 31 March 1901 [RG13/ 43 Folio 16 Page 23] 138 Uxbridge Road, Hammersmith, London. James I. NICOL [26] Fitter in Iron Stair Case Work born Scotland, wife Anne F. [28], daughter Nancy J.E. [1] born Shepherds Bush and Kate GLENISTER, Aunt [sic] [17] Boot Shop Assistant. [Copy On File].NOTE:- Kate, sister of Anne, therefore should have been entered as Sister-in-Law not Aunt. NICOL, James Ingram (I1228)
30 (Research):CENSUS: 6 June 1841 [HO107/29/6 Folio 12 Page 17] Pinge Wood, Burghfield, Berkshire. Seth PICKET [60] Ag. Lab., Sarah [54], Daniel [20], Charles [17], George [14] and Dinah [11] all born in County. [Info Ancestry Website].CENSUS: 30 March 1851 [HO107/1693 Folio 111 Page 2] "New Inn", Finchampstead, Berkshire. Seth PICKETT, Lodger, Deaf, Married [74] Labourer born Burghfield, Berks in the household of James LEE, Beer Seller. [Info Ancestry Website].
ALSOCENSUS: 30 March 1851 [HO107/1691 Folio 353 Page 20 Sch 75] Burghfield, Berkshire. Sarah PICKETT, Head, Married [70] Ag. Lab, children Charles, U/m [26] Ag. Lab., George, U/m [23] Ag. Lab., Dinah, U/m [20], Grandson William PICKETT [?4 Months] and Daughter-in-Law, Married, Ann PICKETT [26]. [Info Ancestry Website].CENSUS: 7 April 1861 [RG9/743 Folio 108 Page 11] Povey Cottage, Burghfield, Berkshire. Seth PICKETT, Grandfather [78] Pauper living with married daughter Dinah [36] and her husband Thomas POVEY [44] Ag. Lab. and three children plus one child William PICKETT, entered as Son [10]. All born Burghfield, Berks. [Info Ancestry Website 
PICKETT, Seth (I1278)
31 (Research):CENSUS: 7 April 1861 [RG9] See General Notes under father Seth PICKETT. PICKETT, Dinah (I1283)
32 (Research):Denis contacted Janet on "Genes/Reunited" Website on 27.1.2006 - Janet gave permission to look at her Tree and all the info recorded from Minnied EAMER + Leo DUCK is taken from her Tree. SEVIOUR, Janet Mary (I1328)
33 (Research):f: Thomas DAVIDSON DAVIDSON, Eliza Scott (I1637)
34 (Research):My thoughts on her life:

Sarah's father and mother where married in Adelaide and spent the early parts of their married life 'on the road' \endash The family left Adelaide c.1852 and settled in Bendigo c.1869. (See attached 'Willows Story' doc that I compiled back in 2005)

As you will see Sarah Tabitha was born in Currency Creek SA (as was her brother Richard Benjamin). After Sarah's marriage to BIRD in Bendigo in 1881 (she was 26yrs) that the only child they had (Charles) was born in Victor Harbour SA some 18 years after they married, and only a stones throw from where Sarah Tabitha was born (Currency Creek) \endash Tabitha was now 44yrs of age!

I find it interesting that at some stage between her marriage to BIRD in Bendigo and the birth (and subsequent death) of her only child, the couple moved back to the area where Sarah was born. Currency Creek and Victor Harbour are less than 50k apart. I wonder what drew her back there?

I can find no record of the death or burial of her husband as yet, he is not buried in Perth, so maybe he died while they were in SA, but he is not in the Digger Database, but that only goes up to 1915. If he did die interstate then Sarah Tabitha must have moved to WA to be with the rest of her living family. She and her sister were both died at the same address.

Sarah's residence at death is 295 Newcastle Street Perth \endash and seeing she is buried as BIRD it is clear she did not marry again. Interestingly her older sister Caroline (second child of George WILLOWS and Lucy WICKHAM) also died at the same address, as Caroline MATTHEWS (Marriage MATTHEWS at KALGOORLIE WA at age 53).

Digger - South Australian Deaths Registrations 1842 to 1915

Surname: BIRD
Given Names: Charles
Date: 1909-05-09
Sex: M
Age: 4d
Status: C
Relative: Alfred James BIRD (F)
Relative 2:
Residence: Victor Harbor
Death Place: Victor Harbor
District Code: EnB
Symbol: S
Book: 341
Page: 3
Cross Reference:

Maybe Sarah and her husband went to Kalgoorlie, as apparently that is where Caroline married her husband (MATTHEWS) in 1902, but I cannot find a record of it. This info must have come from JJ! Maybe he died there??

ANYWAY, to cut a long story short, I got a reply from Supreme Court of WA saying they have no probate details on George Francis WILLOWS, Sarah and Caroline's father. So I thought I would put in a search on both Sarah BIRD and Caroline MATTHEWS as I have deduced that both of them were surviving widows at the time of their deaths and that their wills might give up some info on who was who or what.

You may or may not be aware that it would appear the Caroline had a child William Albert WILLOWS (1875 \endash ) out of wedlock, when in Bendigo.

Family Name: WILLOWS
Given Name(s): William Albert
Sex: Unknown
Event: BIRTH
Father's Name: U
Mother's Name: WILLOWS - Caroline
Spouse's Family Name:
Spouse's Given Name(s):
Birth Place: SAND
Death Place:
Registration Year: 1875
Registration Number: 5241

But I can't find out what happened to him. 
WILLOWS, Sarah Tabitha (I29)
35 (Research):There is a SPENCER, Gilbert Cecil buried in the CUE cemetry Wesleyan section on 14-10-1907 #364. There is a death registered for a SPENCER, Gerald C Male MURCHISON 80 1907. Same person I would say! SPENCER, Gerald Cecil (I278)
36 (Research):Try Jennifer BOLTO - researching KLAEBE
KLEBE, Eleonore (I1012)
37 (widow 37yrs) married at residence of Edwin Saunders SNELL ROSAVILLE SA Family F84
38 - Under Surname Of Amear/ Info Hurst Website EAMOUR, Ann (I260)
39 - [Aged 63 Years] - [As Eamer] PIZZEY, Mary Ann (I1405)
40 122 Aberdeen Street Perth DONOHOE, Jean Ursula (I568)
41 12:27am TROTTER, Alexander Robert (I1207)
42 1785 Codford St Peter Wiltshire ENG BOWN, Sarah (I214)
43 1837 Nurse PRANGLEY, Tabitha (I223)
44 1855 - married in Melbourne and her 3 sons were born there.
ADDIS, Augusta Alice Victoria (I1617)
45 1856 Joshua was living in Fitzroy/Collingwood ADDIS, Joshua (I1618)
46 1859 - Albertina died of TB in Collingwood, Melbourne ADDIS, Albertina (I1619)
47 1864 - Adelaide was married to James Burgis in Beechworth. ADDIS, Adelaide (I1621)
48 1953-1978 Glass cutter, Silverer and Glazier. 1978- Cleaner and maintenance. TATE, Victor Norman (I138)
49 1958 MCCALLUM, Duncan Stanley (I692)
50 1962 WYATT, Edward Marshall (I716)
51 1968-1973 Enrolled nurse. 1985-1994 Cleaner for TAFE. 1994- self employed Secretary/Book keeper ASH, Cynthia Helen (I140)
52 1979-1985 Leading Aircraftsman RAAF
1985- Trainer of Radio Staff to sell Air Advertising Time 
TATE, Michael John (I176)
53 295 Newcastle St PERTH WA WILLOWS, Sarah Tabitha (I29)
54 295 Newcastle St PERTH WA. WILLOWS, Caroline (I25)
55 5 hrs old HAMDORF, Unnamed (I1098)
56 71 Williams Road, Nedlands, Western Australia EAMER, John William (I530)
57 9 Robin St Mt Lawley BAMPFIELD, Irene (I54)
58 ??unsure of heritage or is it DOB??
Ann Dororthea GADE (F) 82yrs of Adelaide, died 01.06.1903 at parkside Asylum NOR b294/p366 
GADE, Anna Dorothea (I1014)
59 Accountant DAVIES, Kenneth Stanley (I90)
60 Ag. Lab EAMER, Charles (I241)
61 Ag. Lab EAMER, Thomas (I243)
62 Ag. Lab EAMER, Henry (I244)
63 Ag. Labourer EAMER, Daniel (I1486)
64 Ag. Labourer [England] / Splitter [Australia] EAMOUR, James (I1410)
65 Aged 53 at marriage to MATTHEWS at KALGOORLIE WA WILLOWS, Caroline (I25)
66 Aged 63 as Mary Eamer PIZZEY, Mary Ann (I1405)
67 Agricultural Labourer AMER, John (I1408)
68 Aircraft and Ship Repairs ... Organ Builder SALMON, Fredrick George (I1677)
69 Alletts Valley HEINRICH, Johann Gottlieb (I1010)
70 An short autobiography of Dorothy's life witten 05/11/2005:

I was born in a Maternity hospital at Mount Lawley on 9 January 1923 after my mother had travelled by train from Meekatharra for the event. It would have been quite a journey for my mother at that stage of her pregnancy, with the only luxury being a drink of cold water drawn from a water bag hanging outside the window of her carriage on the train. The object of the trip no doubt was to avoid the heat of the Murchison at that time of the year and to ensure that she and I had the best available medical attention. I think, but I am not sure, that we stayed with my Aunt Carrie in her home at Mount Lawley before going back to Meekatharra.

I didn't live there for long however as in 1926 my father purchased a carrying business in Midland Junction known as McGregor's Transport. The family home and business premises as you know John, were conveniently situated at the corner of Helena and Victoria Streets, and I don't think that my life there would have been very different to the one you enjoyed when you were growing up there at a later date. The main differences would have been due to the Depression which followed our arrival in Midland, and of course the War which subsequently ensued. Money was no doubt tight but I don't remember that presenting too many problems because we always ate well and my parents managed to purchase a residential property in Nedlands in my mother's name at about this time.

I was educated at the State school in Midland and when it came time to leave there my father, after a certain amount of deliberation, decided to invest in my future by financing my further education at City Commercial Business College. My stay there was a success and when I left I obtained a position as a typist and stenographer in the office of Guildford Grammar School which as you know was onlya short distance from home. After a reasonably short stay there I was fortunate enough to obtain a position in the head office of the Midland Railway Company in the railway reserve straight opposite our home in Helena Street.

The things I remember growing up in Midland include the visits we used to get at our back door at home from natives selling clothes props and from gypsies in their exotic outfits on their periodic visits to town. I remember also, playing tennis at Bassendean and going to dances with my sister Lucy and her husband Bill Beer. As well I can remember playing basketball competitively and taking bike rides with friends to places like Rocky Pool at Swan View. In those days you could travel by train straight to South Beach at Fremantle and I can remember day picnics there with school friends and their parents. I also remember visits with my own family to my Aunt Ess's property at Mooliabeenie which were always great fun.

I was never close to my father as Lucy was his favourite daughter, but I was close to my mother. She had her own way of doing things however, one of which was going off on holidays on her own to places as far apart as Albany and Cottesloe. She rarely left us to fend for ourselves and usually arranged for either her mother or her sister Ess to move in and cook for us. I remember another holiday she had, when she and my sister Lucy travelled by ship to New Zealand.

Another lasting memory I have of Midland is of our white cocky which was my father's pride and joy along with the pigeons he raced so successfully. The cocky's party tricks included shouting ""WHAT ARE YOU DOING THERE?"" at innocent passers-by, to their consternation, particularly when it happened at night. Letting air out of the tyres of our trucks with his beak whenever his chain allowed him to get close enough, was another thing he did regularly, calling out that he was ""ALL CHANGLED UP"" whenever his chain got caught. Another thing he did very successfully was to loop-the-loop on the clothes line whilst hanging on to it with his feet. I remember too our little dog Teddy which used to terrorise the local Postman.

Midland was quite an exciting place to be in during the war years. Troops from all over Australia were based there. Most of the work I did at the MR was associated with the transportation of troops and equipment which ensured that I was ""manpowered"" under National Security Regulations. Because of that I was unable to enlist, as I had been minded to do, much to my father's satisfaction.

Dorothy McBean, Nov. 2005 
EAMER, Dorothy (I572)
71 Anecdotally lived to 102 yrs. SNELL, Barbara (I309)
Contacted Angela again but to date [19.3.2006] have received no reply. Will take it that she is not interested. 
EAMER, Angela (I1240)
73 ANGLICAN HC 0233 SPENCER, Herbert (I266)
74 Anglican Church Bethanian SA Family F265
75 Anglican Lot 508 SNELL, William (I41)
76 Army Records give his birth date as both 1904 and 1906!

Enlisted in the Australian Army (WX17643) on 12.11.1941, resident South Perth WA. He was discharged 06.01.1944 as a Lieutenant in the 10th Garrison Battalion. He listeda Mary WATSON as his next of kin. He then re-enlisted (W40924) on 07.05.1944, resident WARRAWAGINE WA. He was a Private in the 11th NW Battalion VDC.

General Manager for De Gray Pastoral Company at PORT HEDLAND WA. Spent many years in the Pilbara and GERALDTON areas on stations owned by the company. 
LEWIS, George Anker (I88)
77 Arrived PORT ARTHUR 1842. SNELL, Susan (I300)
78 Arrived PORT ARTHUR 1842. Young uncle of Edwin. They grew up knowing one another as brothers after, WWSNELL adopted Edwin. John had SEVENTEEN (17) children - 14 of whom lived to maturity, with one, Barbara living to 102 yo. SNELL, John (I298)
79 Arthur Alexander Addis' applied for Burke and Wills expedition 9th March 1860 - unsuccessful. ADDIS, Arthur Alexander (I1740)
80 Arthur Wilfred was Managing Director of a company called Prohibition Gold in Meekatharra in 1938. By 1949 he was living at 134 Wittenoom St, East Perth – next door to his parents. Ruth ANDERSON remembers visiting him and Margaret SPENCER (nee ARMSTRONG) in about 1964-5 for dinner. He had had a stroke at that time. SPENCER, Arthur Wilfred (I1735)
81 As Edward Eamer EAMER, Frederick Daniel (I1625)
82 As Emmie Jane GLENISTER GLENISTER, Emma Jane (I285)
83 As Emmie Jane GLENISTER. GLENISTER, Emma Jane (I285)
84 as Sarah Tabitha BIRD WILLOWS, Sarah Tabitha (I29)
85 Ashes scattered over Rose Garden. WILLOWS, Lucy (I531)
86 at ironmongery/Farmer of 4 acres CLIFFORD, Joseph (I229)
87 At residence of Mr Thomas Griggory BLANCHEWATER dist FRO b161/p705 Family F273
88 At the house of Mr. Samuel INGLIS, Redhill SA Family F125
89 at the residence of the bride's mother at Oraparinna SA Family F127
90 Author of the Family History Book "Child of the Outback"

Named Lucy after g-grandmother and Christina after midwife that delivered her at the homestead CULLCULLI.

Wrote the book 'Child of the Outback', from where the SNELL line was initially researched 
SNELL, Lucy Christina (I78)
91 b.1847 GADE, Eleonora Honorah (I1019)
92 B.Ag.Sc.(Adel) Ph.D (Syd)
m:1980 Elizabeth May FARTHING (1957) B.Sc. Hons (Syd) G.D.S.S.
PEARCE, Darryl Trevor (I742)
93 b:16.02.1972 as BLACKWELL Adopted by Dennis GADE. GADE, Audie (I1171)
94 b:18.04.1969 as BLACKWELL Adopted by Dennis GADE. GADE, Michelle (I1169)
95 b:18.12.1948 St Andrews Hospital, MIDLAND WA

NOTES by Denis Hamilton - UK
Met John on the 2 July 1987 at the home of my neice Shirley Ann BALL, 38, Brighton Road, Reading, Berkshire - I travelled up to Reading from Eastbourne on the train. John had brought along his young lady friend Michelle - they were staying at a friends home in Hatfield, Herts and were off to Tasmania the next day. He had photostating equipment with him and took photostats of many of the EAMER/EDWARDS documents Shirley held. John gave very scant info on his family but seemed more than pleased to receive ours!! - he said his brother Robert had all the family info as he had been researching the Family Tree and he would get him to forward details to us - we left it at that and was more than disappointed when info did not arrive - so I wrote to Robert but he never replied.Took a photograph of John outside Shirley's home which is in the large EAMER File [toward back].
Letter received from Alan EAMER dated 14 February 1995 states that John is now living in New South Wales, Australia.
Entered 9.10.2004:- From White Pages, Australia. There is this entry:- EAMER J., 71 Reserve Road, Grovedale, Victoria 3216 - Tel: [03] 5243 2567 - is this this John.
15.2.2006:- Contact from John Geoffrey EAMER through GenesReunited. Sent a reply Message.16.2.2006:- E Mail reply with a letter Attachment - went onto Website http://au.geocities.com/eamerclan/gtree/ and found John's F. Tree - printed off with other info and filed in James EAMER Large Ring Binder File. Sent copies to neice Shirley & Jackie BALL. 
EAMER, John Geoffrey (I655)
96 b:1807 d:1866 - OATLANDS,Tasmania
SPENCER, Robert (I1744)
97 b:25.07.1970 as BLACKWELL Adopted by Dennis GADE. GADE, Audra (I1170)
98 b:28.04.1968 as BLACKWELL Adopted by Dennis GADE. GADE, Darren (I1168)
99 b:29.11.1894 YARRAH FRO b533/p170, out of wedlock. Birth also registered as Albert Harry Gade HALL. GADE, Albert Ernest (I1094)
100 Bank Officer/Manager. WASLEY, Kenneth Laurence (I113)

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